My mom passed on to heaven January 28, 2007. I still miss her so much, but i also know how happy she is to finally have a perfect body and to meet her precious Lord . Although i miss her greatly i would not wish her back to this earth where she experienced so much pain, especially the last 8 years of her life as she fought the rare blood disease MDS. The same disease that Robin Roberts from Channel 7 also fought and hopefully beat for good. This poem i wrote just for and about my mom, a very special lady indeed and a Proverbs 31 mom for sure!

The Empty Chair

In the living room where she once sat
there sits an empty chair,
She’s gone on above to better things
we’ll no longer see her there.
In her lifetime she had so much pain
but, it’s gone from her at last,
The hospitals, the needles and experiments
are now part of her past.
For she has gone to meet her Jesus
He’s the one who set her free,
There’s no more pain, she’s free at last
but, we’ll miss her you and me.
Yet, I’ve found when I look closely
I still see her sitting there,
with her open bible on her lap
and on her lips a prayer.
She prayed hard for her family
that we would give our hearts,
To the God above she loved so much
and from Him n’er depart.
I can sometimes see her sitting there
with sewing in her lap,
Or reading one of her favorite books
or sneaking a little catnap.
She loved her God and she loved life
and she lived it to the fullest,
There wasn’t time to complain or whine
and her smile was contagious.
So, I see her chair and the memories
that she has left behind,
She may not be here with us in person
but, she’s in my heart
and in my mind.

In loving memory of my Mom,
Marlene Sinkler

by diki sinkler – burns
© 2 – 3 – 2007


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